With over a million users we managed to develop a game that attracted users organically and scaled on a robust back-end to enable hundreds of players per second. Game design and technology working hand in hand to become a featured app on the App store.


We take gaming seriously. With state of art infrastructure and analytics.

We are proud that we could deliver fun and knowledge to millions of people in millions of games and hours played.


The Sira is one of the highest quality apps coming from the region. 5 Star ratings across Apple Store and Google Play and hundred of thousands of downloads. The production went throughout many steps that had to be coordinated and managed carefully to be fully streamlined.

The Sira App consists of eleven episodes full of dramatic
and authentic events from the Prophet's life (Sira).

The Sira App is brought to you by AlphaApps and Awakening Worldwide.
All content has been approved by Awqaf Abu Dhabi and National Media Council UAE.


SnappCard is the region's leading digital loyalty platform, allowing users to earn points for purchases for their favorite venues directly on their phone.

The app helps to make this world a better place. It's the simplest way to carry your loyalty cards.
Access them at your fingertips without weighing down your wallet

SnappCard lets you collect and track your loyalty points easily, discover new venues, and receive awesome rewards from the places you love - all from one app.
Start snapping, it's free


We have build IPM in collaboration with the World Customs Organisation and Interpol. A tool that helps making this world a safer place, by empowering customer officers of 169 countries to detect counterfeited products using this app. IPM works with the worlds leading brands to secure hundreds of thousands of products.

IPM is trusted by the worlds leading brands and security solution providers.

IPM works on a highly secure infrastructure that gets audited 5 times a year. We always pass the security audits. There is no joking when it comes to making this world safer.